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We Are Dedicated To Your Recovery


Meet the Team

You need to be at a place that cares about your journey back to an active life. The Team at Advent Physical Therapy believes in delivering a personalized plan for your recovery.

Your recovery starts now!

What Our Patients Say

After shoulder surgery, I came here for my rehab. The fine staff, took the time and patience to see that I was progressing well and was even able to excel in certain areas of recovery. They are very well qualified at what they do and would highly recommend them. I will be back when I have the other shoulder worked on!!

Greg W

I had pelvic separation after giving birth to my baby back in September. The people here were wonderful, helped me to get stronger & healthy within a month. Wendy worked with me in pushing me to get stronger but not to over work myself so I would have setbacks.

Holly D

I just love this place! All the gals are so fabulous, sweet and extremely helpful. I wouldn’t be walking at 100% if it weren’t for Advent. I’d recommend them to anyone!!!

Heather P

I’ve had a great experience at this facility. Extremely kind and helpful staff all around, a comfortable atmosphere, and wonderful therapists working hard to provide compassionate care to everyone. Would recommend to anyone in need of this service.

Lydia E

Super place to get back to living life after replacement surgery. So kind and helpful. Always looking for that extra push! Thanks ladies!!

Gail T

Are you ready to start enjoying a pain-free life?

The Advent PT Team is ready to get you back to a life that you will enjoy.