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You need to be at a place that cares about your journey back to an active life. The Team at Advent Physical Therapy believes in delivering a personalized plan for your recovery.

Your recovery starts now!

What Our Patients Say

I had limited mobility in my left arm, not being able to even wash my hair or face without difficulties. In a little over 2 months and 10 sessions with my physical therapist Jeremy (who is AWESOME by the way) I had almost all my range of motion back!

Brendalynn E

Jamie and Jeremy were excellent teachers! They taught me how to stretch to alleviate the lower back pain. They also educated me on what stretches/exercises will help me to build up strength. Thank you – for your encouragement, support and teaching.

Pam B

When I came in with a back injury, I was nearly helpless. By doing the exercises they assigned to me (faithfully), I have done MORE than a complete turnaround in not just my back, but my LIFE! Jeremy & the entire team are excellent people to help a person regain range of motion & strength. They don’t just treat your injury. They treat the whole person. MAJOR props to them ALL!

John K

Excellent experience. They helped me eliminate my back pain in just 5 weeks and had fun doing it. Thanks Jeremy and Jaime!

John B

Are you ready to start enjoying a pain-free life?

The Advent PT Team is ready to get you back to a life that you will enjoy.