One of the Largest and most comprehensive healthcare rehabilitation providers in West MI.

Advent Physical Therapy has 13 convenient locations with a wide scope of services to meet your needs. We accept patients of all ages, no referral necessary.

Some of our clinical services include: Gait Evaluation, Golf Fitness, Lymphedema, Sports Therapy, TMJ/Headache Treatment, Women’s Health and more.

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What People say about us

“The care and instructions I received in the first appointment made it an easy decision to continue with Ford. I felt that he provided a complete plan…”

Cathy Kehoe

“I was struggling with lower back problems which caused problems with my legs. After several PT visits, the chronic problem has gone from me being about 60% as functional as I once was to 95% of my old function in my legs…”

Fred Jaeger

“After recovering from a relatively rare surgery, I was referred to Ford’s physical therapy clinic by my surgeon. Ford’s expertise, expansive knowledge base, compassion and dedication were second-to-none, and it was quite apparent during our sessions….”

Penny Berger

“I have received treatment from many other therapists and specialists in the past for my knee pain and Ford truly was the only one that addressed the underlying causes of my pain, which in turn helped with alleviating symptoms…”

Elizabeth A. Rexroat

“Getting to my age, parts start going bad, and I have the need to visit the physical therapist. I have never met one, until Ford Reinink, that has the combination of passion for fixing things and the intricate knowledge of anatomy and physiology to make it happen. He has helped me get rid of multiple vexing problems and he does it with the patience of Job.”

John J.

“…I have no reservations endorsing Ford Reinink as a physical therapist based on my experience both as a referring provider and as a former patient. In fact when my wife was prescribed physical therapy by her orthopedic physician, I was sure to have her set an appointment with Ford.”

Troy D. Silvernale, D.O., M.P.H.